My First Pin Up Girl

Well there it is… Don’t believe that they come in threes?  Ed McMahon… Farrah Fawcett… and now Michael Jackson…

Ed was sick and he lived a full life… It is sad, but not tragic… I did love the Tonight Show with the two of them… But it was Johnny who really captivated me… no offense to Ed, of course… Johnny would obviously get more of the glory… but a good punch man, needs a great set up man… a great straight man… and Ed was one of the best.

Farrah Fawcett is different… She was much younger and although we knew the cancer was beating her, it is still a surprise and still rather heart breaking… Especially that the spotlight will be on her death for a mere moment, as everyone runs off to UCLA to cover the even more startling death of Michael Jackson.

Let’s not forget Farrah… She deserves to be focused on for her bravery and her fight!  And because, well, she was one of my first loves.  There, I said it.

You know my thoughts on MJ from the blog I just finished a mere few minutes ago… But Farrah… She may have been my first crush… Although I will admit the Angel I really loved (and still do) is Jaclyn Smith… I like the brunettes, what can I say…

I remember being really pissed… seriously… when Jaclyn married Dennis Cole… Like I had a chance… but still…

Farrah… Yes, I did own that iconic poster… the one with the flowing, feathered blond locks… and yes, unless my evil parents (I kid) tossed it out… I do have the December 1978 issue of Playboy with her on the cover and in the pages!  Somewhere… where the hell is it now?  Or maybe my brother Dan took it.  Bastard!

Did you toss it out, oh parents of mine?  Don’t get me started or I’ll have to tell you all about my Evil Knievel Stunt set… tossed… My Planet of the Apes dolls and play set… gone… The original Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole albums… sold at a garage sale for 25 cents each.  AAGGHH!

Farrah… I was not as mad, but pretty upset with Lee Majors… Okay, I was mad!  Yeah, he was damn cool as the Six Million Dollar Man… but did he need to take you from me, too?  Did he?  Did he really have to have EVERYTHING???!!!

All right, fine… I’ll get excited over Bo Derek, but it’s not the same thing.  You seemed sweeter, more real… and even though I loved to sneak viewings of the movie 10, I miss you… and I don’t think it’s fair that Lee gets to be a TV star and have you… Ahhh… the irony of seeing this up close and personal by going into show business… The stars get it all… All I tell you!

Good night, Farrah… You were one of my angels… and even though the news outlets are going to be obsessed with MJ…  a sudden and unexpected death will do that… I will never forget you.  You made quite an impression on a young man… And we’ll leave it at that!


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