Playlist 6/15/09

Keep an eye out for my thoughts on what is going on in Iran… although I’ll probably throw that up on the political blog…

It is disheartening that an election might have been stolen yet again… We ain’t ones to talk… and yet optimistic at the same time… The fact that so many Iranians are taking to the street is a remarkable turn.  I’m not saying things are going to change overnight… there is animosity that has been brewing for hundreds of years… and with Israel… it goes beyond that… But if we can engage and strengthen and motivate the moderates around the world, this will be a very different and better place!

On the top of the playlist is Carolina Liar and their fantastic debut album Coming to Terms.  I had the extreme pleasure of seeing them do a “Sound Session” at the Hard Rock last night, courtesy of the best radio station in LA, The Sound 100.3.  Yes, they can be streamed.

They did a short acoustic set… and my buddy Rob and I were standing next to Max, the drummer.  It was fun watching him watch his band mates.

Chad, the lead singer, is from Charleston, SC… but I believe the rest of the band is from Sweden… 

Their sound is a nice mix of The Killers, The Jayhawks and a little Bon Iver thrown in too.

My brother suggested Eric Hutchinson, and compared him to Maroon 5 and Jason Mraz… I would also add in a little Brett Dennen and Jackie Greene… His CD Sounds Like This is a fun listen… what I would call funky alternative.

I have not seen the show, and while the music would imply the subject matter is quite deep and a bit depressing, the Original Cast Recording for Next to Normal is quite enjoyable… It reminds me of Duncan Sheik and his Spring Awakening with some of the quiet moments of Rent. Very powerful!

And while I am thinking of it… congratulations to my friend Gregory Jbara for his 1st Tony win for Billy Elliot.  Greg is an amazing actor, but also one of the nicest and classiest people you will ever meet!  It was such a thrill to see him win… and as always, I will forgive him for being a Wolverine!  Plus, he even thanks me on his web page… Holy cow!  There are a ton of names, because that’s the kind of guy he is… and because anyone who ever meets him loves him, but there I am… I’m blushing!

Finally, I want to mention Green Day and their sensational 21st Century Breakdown… These guys are single-handedly propelling rock and punk forward and each step they take is bigger and more impressive!

“Do you believe in Rock ‘n Roll? Can music save your mortal soul?”

Yes, Don McLean… it can!  It can!!!


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