The Impossible Task… Ranking Pixar’s 10 Films

With the release of Up, a fantastic film as you may know if you read my reviews… I decided to rank the 10 Pixar films in my personal order of preference.  This was really hard, as I truly love each and every one of these films…

Would love to hear your rankings… and the reasons why!

10) Cars – I love the visuals of this film and you all know how much I looove Bonnie Hunt. What?  You did not know that. Ooops!  But I think this one has the least emotional punch out of all the Pixar flicks. Don’t get me wrong, this is still an A+ movie, but on my list it is coming in at #10!

9) A Bug’s Life – The animated version of Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai is funny and moving and again, I love this movie and also the subsequent movie/ride/show at California Adventure (and I think they also do it at the Animal Kingdom Park).

8) Wall-E –  This movie is so astounding on so many levels… It is more of an art piece than the other films, but still manages to pack an amazing and full emotional wallop.  And the way they use the songs from “Hello Dolly,” which are some of my favorite of all time, is spectacular and sheer genius.

“It Only Takes A Moment”   Ahhh…

7) The Incredibles – This is certainly the most action packed of all the Pixar films and reminds me of the old serials… Fun all around.

6) Up – The latest from Pixar is remarkable in the way the story is developed… I have not been moved to tears so quickly and effortlessly in a long, long time… There are two scenes in the beginning of the film in particular that are emotionally gut wrenching… one for very personal reasons… and I literally had to catch my breath and stop myself from going into loud and deep sobbing… But this is what makes the folks at Pixar so amazing and is their true genius… clear, concise, funny and deep storytelling.  Anyone who wants to write or direct should watch all ten of these films… The movies and theatre and any of the arts would be better off for it.  Seriously, the first ten minutes of this movie is a whole movie in itself… Amazing!!!

5)  Ratatouille –  I almost put Up here, and didn’t because I am such a foodie… and the eye and ear for detail in this film is truly and utterly astounding.  Whenever I watch it I really feel like I am in Paris.  And I really want to go cook… or go to chef’s school… or just eat!  The one thing that hurts me is to know the exhaustive and extensive research the poor filmmakers had to put in by dining at all of the top restaurants in France!

I think the emotional punch of Up is stronger and more rewarding… but I do love me my food and culinary arts!

4)  Finding Nemo – This will be the model for a script I am working on, for again it follows the classic storytelling structure that can be found in Mythology, Edith Hamilton’s booksThe Writer’s Journey and the fabulous books written by, and specials hosted by Joseph Campbell.  Like Bambi, this one starts us off with a strong and moving emotional tone, and then manages to brilliantly never lose that while piling on really funny moment after moment.

3)  Monsters, Inc. – Okay, so I seem to be leaning towards the originals… but what can I do?  I remember how excited the designers were on this film in regards to Sully’s fur and how they got it to move, strand by strand.  It really is quite amazing and even more amazing when you see how far they have come since then.  Pixar is the perfect marriage between technology and art, between scientific and computer breakthroughs and the best story and character development around.  Would someone at Pixar please hire me?  Please?  I love this movie and have seen it many, many times.

2)  Toy Story – Ahhh, the one that started it all… well, aside from some shorts… which can be a whole other category on its own.  Toy Story is a great film… period.  Animated… live action… doesn’t matter… this film has it all!  You know a movie is great… or at least I do… when I kick myself and say, this is the one I should have written… This is what I used to fantasize about as a kid… think about as a kid… Hey now, come on, minds out of the gutter… As I got older my thoughts changed, sure… but when I was younger and before, you know… I used to have very innocent day dreams like… What  if my toys came to life?

The story of a clubhouse and Playboy magazines left out in the rain is for another time.


1)  Toy Story 2

Yes, like the Godfather Trilogy… although it pains me to say that… I love Toy Story 2 like I love Godfather 2… It is just a little bit more complete and satisfying than the first… which is saying a lot!  In the case of Pixar, however, I am certain that Toy Story 3 will be utterly satisfying and brilliant and funny and… sorry, Francis…

I cannot wait for that film.  

This one has action and romance and emotion and adventure and smart, intelligent humor… and is what a buddy movie is all about.

So there it is… out of the 10 Pixar films, this is my ranking.  Would love to hear yours.


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One response to “The Impossible Task… Ranking Pixar’s 10 Films

  1. Barry

    We just saw “Up” today…and while it was indeed wonderful, for me, the best Pixar movie of them all is “Ratatouille.” I never fail to choke up a little at the end! And of course, there’s the moment in “Monsters, Inc.” when Sully sees the little girl again…it just gets you…they’re all so good!

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