Go Caps!

This may be redundant… as I think I published something similar… but here it is anyway…

More tomorrow.

I love hockey.  As such, I follow a lot of teams… My Rangers come first… then the Devils, which confuses many East Coasters and needs this explanation… I grew up going to the Garden to see the Knicks and the Rangers play, but when Jersey got the Devils, it was much easier to go to the Meadowlands… Thus, I cheered for the Devils, UNLESS they were playing the Rangers… that is still my first  team.

I went to school in Chicago… and got sucked into the painful world of the Cubs, the Bears and the Blackhawks… The Hawks are my third team.

Then I moved to LA… I hated the Dodgers… I am not a basketball fan and hate the Lakers… I needed a team… one local team… thus I became a Kings fan.

Historically I liked the Bruins (Bobby Orr… Phil Esposito…) and the Leafs… the older teams along with their history… the Original Six… The thing is this… I love hockey… When my teams are out, I need a team to follow.  I need someone to really cheer for.

Luckily, I can still cheer for the Hawks… and after going to Game 1 of the Caps vs. Penguins, I have to say… it is hard to cheer against Ovechkin and Varmalov.  Even though they beat my Rangers, which hurt a lot, the team is amazing to watch and their fans are crazy and dedicated and a ton of fun.  Being in the Verizon Center amongst a Sea of Red was inspiring.  Why can’t LA fans be that excited, that into a game. Granted it’s the playoffs, but still!

For those of you who do not know, I was in DC for the AIPAC National Conference… You can read all about that and my new found political activism at http://bandofone.wordpress.com/

I’m sure this will bring up a lot of debate, which is great… that is what democracy is all about… but it was hard not to be inspired by DC and the discovery that a single voice can make a difference.  

I left DC with a cold… no, not the H1N1 virus!  And a sore back… I slipped on a grate on K Street … Yes, I  was wearing rubber soled shoes… but also with a new found optimism and a sense of truly being able to make a difference.

My political activism will be on the rise… and like everything else, I just need to find a way to make some money to support it.

I learned a lot in three days… and I am now on a path to learn a lot more… but one thing that stands out is this… words and dialogue are important… communication is important.  But so is action and deed.  

If we have learned anything from the past it must be this… let us act.  Let us move and accomplish, before we are left alone, sitting on the ground wondering… “When was it too late?”

“When was it too late?”


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