Bruce, Bagels and Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

I’m back! Had computer issues in Jersey, so you did not get to hear my blow-by-blow of the trip… Here is the recap…

Nice visit, short, cold, rainy a lot… one day in NYC… picnic in Central Park.

Somewhat ironically, we flew back from Jersey Wed. night… three hour delay… hate American Airlines… more on that later… just for me to go see Bruce on Thursday.

Bruce was, as usual, amazing… and while some sets are clearly better than others, this set was fantastic.  He opened with “Badlands,” which, although I called it, still surprised us since he usually changes the opener when playing back to back…

For the record, I also called the closer… Glory Days.”

Okay, so calling “Badlands” was not that risky, since it has been the opener for the last 5 or 6 shows, but “Glory Days” should get me some props… But that and a dime… blah, blah, blah…

The show had lots of surprises… the request portion was brilliant and included “Proud Mary,” “Growin’ Up” (My second favorite Springsteen song) and “Hungry Heart.”

His energy was on fire, despite what seemed like a cold… I mean he was doing his hockey nose blows throughout the show… That’s when you put your finger on one side and just give a huge blow out the other… and let the boogies fly where they may… In hockey, that’s all over the ice and perhaps on some opposing players… for Bruce, it’s wherever and whenever he wants… and it creates this magical mist as the shower of snot hits the spotlights.  What??? It does!

Anyway… although his voice was clearly shot by the end of the night, he rocked on and rocked hard.  

Once again, the LA crowd, normally subdued, came through with equal energy and abandon.  And watching the slightly older than us, married couple in front of us dance and deep kiss was a good topper for the evening. Hey, it’s inspiring… and they were kissing deep… full mouth… All right! Enough!

Bagels… Going back East in the middle of Passover has it drawbacks in the bread department. The normally bustling Hot Bagels in Fair Lawn… best bagels in the world, mind you… had slim pickings and short hours.  Based on my Mom’s raves, I had to go to Modern Bagel Cafe in Fair Lawn to try the Black Russian, which is basically a black and brown swirled pumpernickel bagel with sesame seeds on the outside and fresh onions swirled throughout!  Definitely a keeper.  Really good.

Turvino’s Pizza… This small pizza joint in Glen Rock, where I used to get my heroes from before my wrestling matches, is still happening and still turning out great, thin crust pizza.  Did not get to any place in NYC, so this took care of the fix.

Would love to hear your favorite bagel and pizza places from anywhere, but especially in NYC/Jersey area.

Here is a revelation which I have had before, but truly confirmed last night…

The bacon wrapped hot dog may be the greatest smell ever… or at least the greatest known to mankind! Wow!

One of the joys of parking in the lot across the street from the Hollywood Bowl, is the walk after the show, when the vendors set up their flat grills and cook up hot dogs wrapped in bacon.  My Lord!

Last night after the show outside the LA Sports Arena, “the dump that jumps” as Bruce said… there were at least ten grills going… Flat, stainless steal griddle, covered in oil and fat all coming from the bacon wrapped hot dogs… There are also the heavenly sauteed peppers and onions.  Put it all on a bun, and who needs anything else before you go!  Home… great beyond… wherever…

Saw one dude get mayo squirted on the whole thing… Are you )_(*(&^%$#%^&*() kidding me?  Mayo on a hot dog???

First of all, the only condiment that should ever go on a hot dog is mustard…

Feel free to make a combo of mustard, relish and onions… or mustard and the famous Sabrett’s Red Onion Sauce… or mustard and sauerkraut… or Chicago style… but never Ketchup and NEVER MAYO.  And with the bacon wrapped hot dogs, although I have NEVER had one, I am guessing condiments are not necessary!

Someday… Someday soon!

When I lose the weight I want to, I am treating myself to one… Mmm! Mmm! Good!


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