Grape Madness – Final Four

So here it is… 

# 3 Talus Pinot Noir vs. #3 Bodega Norton Malbec

Which wine will be going to the dance?  Which wine will be cutting down the bird netting?  The tension is high, the crowd is pumped and the glasses are clean.

Two wines at an under $10 price point… Good for the consumer for sure.

The Talus is still drinking nicely, but it is obvious from the opening whistle, that the Bodega Norton is dominant.

Man, I would just love to get a steak around this wine. That nose… heaven in jam… and the color… dark, deep purple… Somebody Cue “Smoke On The Water.”

The mouth-feel is heavy and a bit dusty, but in a great way… This wine is a mouthful!

The Talus is coming off a bit shy… I’m fine to sit with it for a while… let it show it’s stuff… but this game is on a clock… and like I said before, the Norton has not let up…

I wish I could have built up some more hype and hyperbole, but this one is called nice and simple…

Bodega Norton 84, Talus 74

I won’t be crying for Argentina… and Argentina won’t be crying for me… but I will be crying out for a nice flank steak and some Chimichurri sauce for sure!


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