Grape Madness – The Final Four is Set

#2 Ranked The Show vs. #3 Ranked Bodega Norton Malbec.

The wines of Cost Plus… the final leg on this inaugural journey. The palates are cleansed… the glasses are ready, the bottles are bagged… Once this is done, the Final Four will be set.

Lots of lessons learned… great tips and suggestions for next year… and hopefully, Grape Madness will become the wine sports event of the year.

On the left, weighing in with a beautiful dusty and oaky nose is a red wine.

On the right, with a fruit bomb nose is another red wine.

Okay, okay… The glass on the left is showcasing The Show… and appropriately named wine for this affair. Great  nose, mild tannins, but it is a bit light on the palate. The middle opens up a bit more, but the finish is short. Hints of cherries… beautiful color… but will this win our hearts?

The left glass is raised… in it swirls and twirls the Bodega Norton Malbec.  The Bodega comes out strong… the nose is pure heaven and the body is unctuous. A rich dark purple coats the glass. My grandma never made jam, but if she did, it would smell and taste like this. Perfect for a zin nose… but can a Malbec be this jammy, too? Great taste and a long, lingering finish that pleasantly leaves the tongue with a slight dryness.  

Two diverse defenses here… subtle… which I do enjoy… and the big bomb… which I also enjoy, but tend to not give as much thought.

As different as these wines are, this is a close race, a tight battle… the question for me, is The Show too subtle?  I love to sit with a wine and wait for it to show me its magic… I do not need instant gratification. I can wait. Really.

It is a young wine, so it should have a little more to it at this point…

Eric and I cast our scores… another disagreement… Somebody needs to look at these boxing scorecards… I think we each have the other by one point.

We stand, we pace, we break… wait… wait… We re-taste… a few times…

In the end, The Show has a shot… a good shot… but there is something… a block… a missed pass… something that puts Bodega on the backboard and into The Final Four!

Final Score – Bodega Norton 82, The Show 81


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