Grapes, Wine and Rock ‘n Roll

So my new favorite station, The Sound 100.3 is doing their album madness. This morning’s bracket match-up was The Grateful Dead’s American Beauty vs. Bob Marley’s Exodus.

My first thought is that those may just be my two favorite albums from each of those artists… my second thought was, how the heck do you pick one of those classics over the other… They are both amazing albums… Amazing!

Exodus was recorded in London while Marley was on the mend from an assassination attempt… that whole thing is crazy right there… American Beauty defines the Dead and is one of those rare CDs where you do not want to skip through a single song.

They are both perfect albums… dessert island selections… Need to escape listens…

Strangely, it is an analogy perfectly fitting for Grape Madness… How do you pick one varietal over another…

I know I used the Westminster Dog Show analogy before… but music works, too.

I think you have to decide which wine is the more perfect demonstration of the varietal… which one shows the classic characteristics of the grape and the terroir… but also, there is going to be a subjectivity… No matter how one tries to be objective, it is like writing history… a choice of words, a way of saying something… whatever it may be, it will become your take… your opinion.

And with wine, it depends on your palate and your soul. One day a Michele LaFarge Burgundy will steal your heart, the next day it will be a Whitehall Lane Cab… and if the elegant, sexy and luscious Chateau Y’Quem walks in the room… Sorry, but she will swoon you away every time.

And not everyone will agree with you… No way, no how!

But this is what makes it all so great. We all have our opinions. And with wine, that is all that counts… Not price, not scores, but what it is that you like drinking.

Sure it’s gratifying when someone is getting the same raspberries off the nose… or the cooked fruit on the palate… But we are all different… and like I said before, each palate is like a snowflake… no single one is ever exactly the same.

So drink what you like and enjoy it, no matter what the price point is.


True story… a friend of mine, who has sadly since passed away, had a license plate with DYQUEM on it. He was gay and had a lot of friends who were lesbians… and while almost everyone knew how into wine he was, I guess there was one new lesbian friend who did not.

When she saw the license plate she exclaimed… “All right, Dike ’em!”



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