Monday Blues

I am lost in the blues… The economy… the lack of employment… and the literal blues of the Derek Trucks Band… but somehow when the blues are set to music, it’s all right…

Hard not to feel spiritually uplifted… 

Robert Randolph and the Family Band will take you to the same heights. I defy anyone to stay down, literally and metaphorically, when you are listening to Robert. Oh man!

These days especially, we need to find pleasure wherever we can… Went out to sushi last night with another couple and their kids… a new friendship that has been really great… all of us just enjoy each others company. At one point, as I’m devouring a piece of Spicy Albacore, I look up and my buddy is half smiling, half laughing. So I say, “What?”

He says, “it’s fun watching you eat, you just enjoy it so much.” Well… yeah… I mean thirty pounds too much, I do… but yeah, I love food and anything gourmet and I love wine. Drinking it, talking about it… which is why Grape Madness has been so much fun. Even the ribbing and smack talk… it’s great that people from all over the country are expressing themselves in a funny, sarcastic and passionate way. It’s called a dialogue… and though my brother always says it’s a bit naive, I still contend that a great bottle of wine and a little Bruce can bring nations together. Try to check out Henry Rollins’ bit on the Ramones and making peace in the Middle East. Brilliant!

Not sure when the next Grape Madness Results come up, so stay tuned… Hopefully some of you wine blog readers will stick around for the times this blog goes back to my observations on life… music… food and wine…

In the meantime, I would like to ask this question… what makes someone a super a-hole?

We were at the Trader Joes on Fallbrook on Saturday… No, did not buy any wine yet… and this guy literally pushes his cart and leaves it smack dab behind another car. Not to the side, not on a curbed planter area… in the middle of this person’s bumper. No way the car could back up without moving this cart. What made it even more egregious, is the cart alley was maybe two feet away.

For those who know me, I normally would get into it… at the least I would say something… but when the wife and kid are with you, you have to restrain yourself. My wife was the one who actually pointed it out… and we used it as a lesson to show my daughter how being rude was wrong… and yes, we moved the cart ourselves… actually my daughter did.

As this butt head drove off, I shot him a look, which he returned with disgust… but this older, Lexus-driving m)(_8765*()_*&^%$er will probably do it again, until someone calls him out.

In retrospect, I wish I had said something, but safety and practicality took over… But that may be one the most a-hole moves I have ever seen.


That’s one guy who really needs some Grape Madness injected into his soul!



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