Grape Smash Down… Or Smack Down…

Marc here… forgive the graphic detail… but the yellow and green loogies seem to be gone and I can actually sniff… which means my nose will be in a glass tomorrow night.  Actually, several glasses.

Thinking the Bev Mo wines will hold up against the others… But I am torn… I am picking one of Jason’s Wines from Trader Joe’s to take the dance in what I am picking will be an All Zinfandel Final.  Maybe it’s winter still or maybe I just think the jammy fruit bombs will win out…

Hell… in winter I like jam and rum and port… Who the heck knows.

But the question is this… do you pick your Alma Mater just because you’re loyal or do you go with who you really think will win. Since the real dark, inky purple, my Northwestern Wildcats, got shafted and left out of the NCAA… AGAIN… do I need to be loyal… 

I mean, I have no money on the line… and the last I checked, Vegas has not gotten wind of us yet, so really, what do I care… I don’t work for Bev Mo… I have no real allegiance other than a random assignment.  And I picked wines I had heard of and thought I liked, but I also deferred to the dude working the floor.  I mean, he looked like a keg carrying beer guy, but he had on a green shirt!

And I like Bev Mo… You can’t beat their 5 Cent Sale… And they have a great beer and spirits selection… And we had to pick places that were “chain” like… places people all over could hit.

But I mean when push comes to shove and if you asked me to pick my two favorite shops in LA County… the answer would come fast and easy… The Wine House in West LA for all you Westsiders… and Wade’s Wines in Westlake for all you SF Valley and Conejo Valley folks… But either place is worth a drive from wherever.

You cannot beat the tastings they put on, nor the informed, personal service. And they can find you wines in any price range. Fantastic wines.

Long live the Mom and Pop.

The thing about Bev Mo that causes such an uproar is the ratings they put on their wines… all from Wilfred Wong, who works for Bev Mo.  Sounds like a bit of a conflict of interest to me… Not along the lines of Robert Parker rating Beaux Freres (the winery he owns)… which he has not… but if you watch the film Mondovino, which I just did… it gives you pause.

Look, I like a lot of wines Robert Parker does. I love Bryant Family… although they are lying sons of bitches, telling me I am #10, 659 or some ridiculous number on their wait list. I signed up at the same time as a bunch of other lists and am on all of them except Bryant and Colgin.  And this was way before the Cult craze!

Two great wine stories before I go…

A guy walks into a wine shop, buys a case of wine and goes home. Opens one bottle, hates it and returns the rest of the case. A few weeks go by and Parker gives the wine a really high score. The same guy goes back into the same wine shop and re-buys the case, second guessing his own palate and thinking he must have been wrong.


A buddy of mine is on his way to a party in NYC. I make no mention of NYC, my birthplace and favorite city in the world, for any other reason than this is where the story took place.

They stop in a wine shop and buy a case of wine that was a buck or two a bottle… This is years ago and pre-dates Two Buck Chuck by a lot. They ask the merchant to change the price tag to $100 a bottle, which he does. The wine is pond scum… grape shit. But everyone in the party is going off on how you can tell an expensive wine from a cheap one… how $100 a bottle makes a difference.

Perception is key… but a blind tasting, baby… That is where it all comes out… 

Long live the Judgement of Paris… go rent Bottle Shock… Loved it!!! That is one of the movies I should have written.  


And enjoy Grape Madness… It’s gonna be one barrel rolling, grape pressing, wine sniffing, slurping, swishing smash down!


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