TGIF… Grape Madness Coming Soon!!!


U2 on GMA. Wow! Enjoy the music folks, because after Bruce, The Stones and U2, the rock ‘n roll circus is going to take a big hit to the ground. These guys know how to rock and may just be the last great rock group for a long time to come… Yeah, Radiohead… but who else… I mean, really… Who else can rock a crowd and move a crowd and make such a relevant and urgent statement???

You got Bruce and the E Street  Band, you got the Stones and you got U2!

My cousin-in-law says the new album seems to be designed for a live show… and I have to agree… I don’t agree that all of their albums are set up this way… There are so many that can be listened to in the house, car, in concert, etc. it’s crazy… but with this one… I think it is really going to come alive… live!  I like a lot of it and am giving it more listens… but after seeing them this morning at Fordham… wow… I am so there when they hit LA!


First, off, here’s to the weekend.  With the Dow in a tailspin and things seemingly out of control, I have never seen so many people so uptight and depressed and miserable… Yes, this includes myself. It is scary as hell out there. And I don’t mean Will Smith trolling around NYC by himself scary, I mean nail biting, what the hell do I do next, why did I not have a back up plan, “Manhunter,” psychologically, mind screwing scary.

Which is why Grape Madness will be such a relief.

Four of us came up with an idea to do a wine tasting to mirror the NCAA Tournament.  We are calling it Grape Madness!

There will be Four Regions… Beverages and More, Cost Plus, Trader Joes and Whole Foods. 

Each person was assigned one of those stores and purchased eight red wines total in the following price ranges (Two bottles in each range):

$12-20 (1st and 2nd Seed) / $8-12 (3rd and 4th Seed) / $5-8 (5th and 6th Seed) / $5 and Under (7th and 8th Seed)

There will be a blind taste off, leaving each person with their top two wines.

Then we pair up locally and taste the four top wines together… It will be two from Cost Plus vs. two from Bev Mo and then the other group will taste two from Whole Foods and two from TJs… Once we have it down to two bottles, all four of us will taste in the Finals… and declare the National Vinoship Winner… or National Champagneionship Winner…

Check back here for local coverage of the Bev Mo wines…

And full coverage will be available at:



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