The Weekly Playlist… March 4th

Femi Kuti – Day by Day

One of Fela Kuti’s sons, Femi has come back from a long absence to create a wonderful album… His father, Fela is considered the pioneer of Afrobeat… a combination of Reggae, funk, jazz and a rhythmic, pulsing beat… and Femi makes the family proud.


Nigeria 70 – Lagos Jump

You know me… I like themes, and this week I am delving back into the world of Afrobeat music with a fury. This is a great collection and gives you a real taste of what this joyous and moving music can do.


U2 – No Line on the Horizon

Again, anything new by U2 is cause for celebration, so this is a gift. While not as powerful or as raucous or catchy as their last outing How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb, this one has some highlights and will get some good play from me this week. It does take a few listens to hook into, but it is time well spent.


Cat Stevens – A Mix of Stuff

No, that is not the name of the album… I am just listening to a lot of Cat Stevens stuff. J has been watching Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium a lot, and while I did not love the movie… an attempt at a modern Willy Wonka… it was nice to watch with her. There were some nice moments, the best being this great scene where the use of Cat Stevens’ “Don’t Be Shy” is absolutely perfect.


Joni Mitchell – Ladies of the Canyon

No… I did not just discover Joni Mitchell. Sheesh! This is about new discoveries and blowing the dust off others. Joni is never far from my playlists, but it took J singing “Big Yellow Taxi” for me to break out and introduce her to … a stunning, brilliant album that also features “For Free” a song that should be the theme song for the NEA and any move to fund the arts! Not that the arts should be free, but that we need to realize that there is musical genius all around us, if we only listen and support it!


Venice – A Mix

Every time I see these guys live, it spins me into a Venice frenzy. I now realized that one of my favorites songs of theirs, “A Weight Has Been Lifted” is only available on a pricey import… Amsterdam... or a pricier, very hard to get import Home Grown. Anyway, I can listen to these guys all day long! And like I said before, they are even better live. Really. March 14th in Santa Monica. GO!!!


Frank Zappa – I am in love with Frank Zappa. I mean I was always aware of Frank Zappa… and I remember Robert M in high school, who was obviously well above and beyond his time, was a huge Zappa fan… but I honestly never REALLY listened. Until now. I have been going back and exploring… Grand Wazoo is a stunning piece of rock-jazz-funk-acid trip and the song “Watermelon in Easter Hay” from Joe’s Garage moves back into my favorite songs of all time list! I always loved that song and somehow lost track of it. Never again!


The Low Anthem – The Low Anthem

The debut CD from this trio from Brown University in Providence is a warm, wonderful piece of melodic folk, deeply textured and just smart and unbelievably enjoyable! I love it! They have at least two more albums out there, including their new one called Oh My G-d, Charlie Darwin. Rolling Stone hails them as a breaking new artist!


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