Back to the Horses and the BBC

Back to the horses. The other day Bozie and I went for our almost daily walk. Bozie is my dog, for those who may be confused… We turned the corner and were amazed, or at least I was, to see two spectacular horses on the sidewalk. One was eating some grass, talk about a natural lawn mower and the other was saddled up and Diane was on her… or him… I did not check that closely… ready to go for a ride.

These are the horses I usually see at the top of the hill, but they are that much more magnificent up close and in your face.

Bozie started barking, like she was gonna take them both on. The visual humor is lost here… but suffice it to say, Bozie is a total of eight pounds… wet… and is basically a platinum Yorkie… technically she is a mix, but the Yorkie genes seem to have won out.

Her coloring is amazing… to the point where I was once standing outside of a Trader Joe’s waiting for the girls to come out, when a woman and her daughters approached me and asked if I took the dog to the stylist for highlights. While I’m sure there are people who do that, I would never, and had a rat her good laugh about it.

I grabbed Bozie in my arms and walked her close to one of the horses, but she started back pedaling like a politician… and I thought she was gonna jump out of my arms, so we backed off… After a nice conversation and Bozie clearly wanting to walk away, we continued on…

Sorry for this non-sequitur, but I am not sure how else to move on to the next item…

For anyone who actually pays attention to this blog… ooh, a challenge… you know how much I love my BBC.  One of the shows I recently got into was Father Ted. It is somewhat wacky, occasionally philosophical and always funny…

Another non-sequitur, for those who missed last week’s Flight of the Conchords, (Episode “Unnatural Love“) find it and TIVO it… I have not laughed out loud in a long, long time.  They are clearly coming into their own this season. Don’t get me wrong, the show was funny from the start, but the “Sugalumps” from the “New Cup” episode… and the song and “Too Many Dicks on the Dancefloor” from this past week (“Unnatural Love“) are utterly brilliant and decidedly hysterical!

So back to Father Ted

According to Wikipedia… “Dermot Morgan, who played the title role, died in 1998, aged 45, from a heart attack he suffered during a celebratory party the day after filming the final episode.”

The bio on the disc simply said he died the day after filming the final episode…

I was stunned. As far as comic timing goes, it could not be a more perfect end… but 45… You finish the show that made you a star and then boom… that’s it… 45. That’s a hard one to take.

And it’s hard to watch the show knowing this… I mean, I still get caught up in the humor and crazy situations… but it’s the same thing with Beatles tunes… usually and most of the time I am swept away, just taken by the music and the majesty that comes with the greatest rock and roll band ever… and so many of the greatest songs ever written.  The music will always stand on its own… but sometimes my brain just latches onto the fact that John and George are dead. That’s it. Gone. Never coming back. Sometime it seems so unreal… How can it be? How can they be gone? How can Warren Zevon and Danny Federici and Heath Ledger be gone??? How can John Lennon and George Harrison be gone?

Oh man…


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