Comfortably Numb (Part 2)

So now we get to it… at  least  a little more directly…

Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd may still be my favorite song… At the very least it is in the Top 10. But the desire to understand and fulfill its meaning, or what I now perceive the song to really mean, has just hit me.

When the world around us pelts us with pain and fury, we want to go numb… comfortably numb.

First off, let me say that the odds of me becoming a drug addict are about slim to none.

I do not like needles… I am aware I would be the one case who would go crazy or rob a bank… and I have no disposable cash.

I don’t want people freaking out like they did when I sent some e-mails to my family and friend list… They were supposed to be heartfelt salutes, but my peeps thought I was on the verge of suicide.

I’m fine… relax… Really…

Maybe the mid life crisis deal is in full swing… there are changes going on all around me… Things I recognize… things I don’t… like I’m in Dorothy’s house, heading to Oz and about to crash on top of the Wicked Witch of the East…

I’ll never forget what a friend said to me years ago… it was one of the most profound expressions I have ever heard, and came on the heels of a really bad day… She just looked up at me and said “my whole life hurts.” I felt horrible for her… but I love that… I mean she meant it in such a sweet and serious way… “My whole life hurts…” Speak those words, listen to them… it is a beautiful way to confess some real pain.

I think we all feel that way sometimes… that life has beaten us down. And as we get older and see dreams never realized… goals never reached… and the little things, the monotony of life taking over, it is hard not to feel, well, beaten up a bit.

My realization comes from within me and from outside of me. To truly understand, one really needs to be listening to Pink Floyd and then Duncan Sheik’s “That Says It All” while reading this.

It is so beautiful… so emotionally majestic… so profound… and sad…

Go get it… buy it at itunes or Amazon… really… Right now… Go!!!

Listen to it and come back. Re-read this… and you’ll get it. Or maybe you’ll send me a note asking if I’m okay… and wondering why I went to print again with something that perhaps should have been put in the drawer…

Because I’m reaching out, folks… trying to find a common thread between me and my generation… Trying to find a way to happiness and not just get comfortably numb.

Did you get the song? Here are just a few snippets…

“… Mr. Jagger said it best. He knows you’ll never get no satisfaction…


That says it all, doesn’t it?

We always want what we never get.

Well listen here my friend,

I can’t continue to pretend that it’s all right.

Cause that ain’t right… That ain’t right.

… Mr Wilson took some pills and I don’t blame him.

It’s hard to be alive…


My other realization is this… some of us are Mozarts and some of us are Salieris… and right now, I am haunted by a line that haunted me even as a kid… strange…

Salieri looks up to the heavens and says…

“If he didn’t want me to praise him with music…why implant the desire? And then deny me the talent!”

I am not saying I am untalented… far from it… but I am not performing for the king… and not making music that will last beyond me. What I want to leave for my daughter more than anything is beautiful music and art.


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