Comfortably Numb

Very often we write things down in order to purge them from our minds. It is a very personal and emotional release and a great way to get stuff out of our brain. The question is… to send or not to send… to publish and share, or tuck away in a drawer.

I am a firm believer that 100% honesty is NOT always the best policy. That is not to say that lying is good and we should do it all the time… but there are times when it is best to swallow some things and keep them to ourselves.

Letters Never Sent… I always loved this sentence… this idea…

I had it in my brain way before Carly Simon used it as the title of her 1994 album and most definitely before there was a web site by the same name where you can “get those feelings off your chest by letting you share those letters with the whole world…”

I have a lot of letters never sent… a lot of things never said. Maybe some day they will be released and set free into the world… Maybe not.

Joe Torre’s recent tell-all book is a good example. The LA Times actually gave it a good review… when it was talking about the game and Torre’s life… but when the book ventures into gossip and innuendo, one has to wonder why someone so revered and respected would tarnish his own image by tarnishing others. What was the point? Where was the class? Where was the rising above the fray? It’s sad that tabloid journalism has found its way into the once great and classy publishing houses, places that would normally never have stooped so low.

The backlash has been swift and fierce… and yes, it will all blow over… but memories are long and in a few years, he might be hard pressed to go into the Hall of Fame in a Yankees uniform.

Sometimes it is better to just keep your mouth shut… or at least shut the cap on the permanence of a pen and the written word.

As I said above… before I started my blog, I wrote a few very personal pieces about the deaths of some icons who had a major impact on my life… specifically George Carlin, Harvey Korman and Sydney Pollack. I made the mistake of sending them to family and friends and while most people saw what I was going for and could totally identify, my mom and brother seemed to think I needed to be put on suicide watch… I mean, really… I have never gotten so many e-mails of concern… Are you okay? Do you need to talk to someone? It’s not so bad, etc.

What I’m about to say borders that line… So do I say it or do I tuck it away… shove it back in the brain… or shove it in a word file that may or may not be found. That’s a whole other story… I am rarely at a loss for words… but the actual losing of words… devastating… and it just happened!

What  I want to say is just an observation and a true understanding of why people do certain things. It’s just what is hitting me now, at this moment.

And… ooops… Okay, I am not doing this for any other reason than that my friend said blogs should be 600 words or less… and since I beyond that… There’s 603… Shit… I just wasted a few more words writing this… Come back tomorrow for Comfortably Numb, Part 2…

Yeah, I’m a bastard… a cliff hanging blog… dick!



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