Lost and Not Yet Found

I once said that I lose faith in humanity whenever I step in chewing gum on the sidewalk. That was a slight exaggeration, for comedic purposes… but in a way it is true… If you are that lazy or just that rude, that you cannot put your ABC gum in a tissue or trash can, then you have no manners or consideration of others… and it is a testament to your true character.

Ultimately, behavior like that will find its way into bigger and more annoying habits and areas of social deviance! Wow, Marc… that’s quite a jump… but is it? Is it?

How many adults do you see not picking up after their dogs or tossing their cigarettes out of car windows. Stuff like this incenses me. And I see it all the time. I think the fact is that these people were never confronted or held accountable for their behavior, probably starting as kids and then working their way into adulthood… and obviously the behavior finds its ways into other things. 

Last night, I went to what I thought was a screening of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Turns out, it was a screening of four clips from the film and then a discussion with almost all the technical department heads. Normally this would be great… and after I settled down, it was… but I really wanted to see the movie… and the two hour drive in the torrential rains did not make my mood any better.

I know handful of people who loved this film. Well, okay… I think two… Most folks seem to be rather unimpressed. Too long… too rambling… too much like Forrest Gump, etc.

I have to say, after watching these clips and hearing about the craftsmanship, I want to see the film way more than I did before! It was fascinating and looked like an amazing cinematic journey. It is the only Oscar nominated film I have not seen, so I have to see it… and will fill you in when I do.

So… somewhere between the Landmark theatres… and the Food Court… which includes going through Barnes & Noble, Nordstrom… a nice Orange, wool scarf from the Gap fell through my sleeve and onto the ground. No one stopped me and said, “Sir, you dropped something…” Okay, maybe no one saw it… but to make it all worse… it was never turned in to Lost and Found either…

I backtracked my steps in the deadly quiet mall… It was essentially closed when I did, which was very creepy… and found nothing. Neither did mall security, Barnes and Noble, the Landmark or Nordstrom. 

So… the most likely scenario is that someone found the scarf lying on the ground and said… Cool! Free Gift! Yahoo… or something along those lines.

Part of me says, okay, if someone is going to do that, they obviously need it more than I do. But another part of me says Bullshit! I would not do that, and gosh darn it, I expect other people to be decent and turn the fricking thing in. As you can tell, it pissed me off. 

Look, it was maybe a $20 scarf… but that’s not the point. And coming from me, the guy always looking for the angle, may have an air of hypocrisy… but I have never kept something that I found on the ground… and I would never do that… and yes, I guess I expect the same behavior from perfect strangers and other people I have never met… because you know what… today it is a scarf and tomorrow it is something else.  Really… it is something else and will be something else, like the woman who ran a red light, t-boned my car and my back, hit another truck… and then ran… fleeing the scene… with a kid in the back seat, watching it all.

I am not perfect… Never will be… And I hope that the scarf is now with someone who has no money and could not afford one for themselves and needed it to keep warm… I can live with that… even though it’s still taking something that does not belong to you… Fine!

But I think in general, we all need try to be better human beings… and I put myself on the top of the list. Instead of the short cut, we should try to do what’s right. Instead of the easy way out, we do what needs to be done.

It starts with the little things… daily behavior… expressing gratitude… random acts of kindness… putting others first… The little things will kill you… but the little things will also make you who you are.

They don’t say that G-d is in the details for nothing. That is where G-d and genius live… And if we can just start with the details… the little details… to really pay attention to them and act on them and do the right thing… then we will move forward and upward, one little step at a time. 

So with that said… whoever has my fricking scarf… give it back!


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