Movies, Expressions and I Don’t Know What

Okay, I was wrong yesterday… it wasn’t exhilaration I felt at being pulled over, it was nerves and fear and frustration. And today it is pissy anger, self-loathing and paranoia. I am convinced that I am on hidden cameras and that the “man” is following me, waiting for me to do a rolling stop or not have my directional on early enough or pick my nose or something…  AAGGHH!

And what’s with the expression “he secretly wanted to get caught.” I did not want to get caught… no way, no how.

It’s not as full of BS as is the expression “fear of success.”  I mean really… really Tony Robbins… that’s what holding me back… a fear of success… REALLY??? Fear of money and cars and a beautiful house and a happy family and the ability to give to charity and create art??? I’m afraid of that???  Come on, you bastard!

You want to know what sucks? When they are filming a huge TV or film project right down the block from your house… I mean 50 trucks, huge lights, big budget… and they obviously have no idea you even exist. Ouch! (Bitter actor, party of 149, 000)!

But let’s go back to wanting to get caught… Okay, I suppose if you’re suicidal you want to get caught… have someone stop you… care about you… protect you… or if you are wracked by guilt over something you want to confess… have to confess… I get that, I saw Frost/Nixon twice… once on stage… brilliant… and now on film… brilliant again… Nixon had to release what was inside… he had to release his guilt and loneliness… I get it, and watching Langella work is a revelation into Nixon and into what a great film actor is and does. His eyes, his face said everything so clearly and concisely and effortlessly… Wow!

I am playing movie catch up this week… but here is my Tops List…

Slumdog Millionaire and Milk are tied in my mind for the best film of 2008. They are both beautiful movies, but cinematically and visually, Slumdog is more interesting… or maybe it is just unlike things I have seen before… but I felt swept away by it. Tough, tough call. And the battle for Oscar is between Sean and Frank. I loooooooved them both… loved them. Based on seeing the play, however, and needing to stick to my prediction then that Langella would win an Oscar, I’m going with Frank.

Although… with that said, Mickey Rourke is fantastic in The Wrestler… and yes, Bruce will win his second Oscar… duh… The film is depressing and hard to watch, but Rourke is riveting.

The Dark Knight.  I saw this on the IMAX… holy crap… and in a regular theatre. Heath Ledger is all that they claim and more and will win a posthumous Oscar. But you know what… he deserves it. What a performance!

Frost/Nixon – A tight game of cat and mouse, that takes the play out into the world and captures all the heat and tension like only Ron Howard can do.
Doubt – I have an affinity for John Patrick Shanley… especially since working with him was my first job out of college… but he is a brilliant writer and a great director. This film opens the play up, while keeping all the tension and chess like maneuvers. Great performances all around.

I will be seeing the following before next Friday… Benjamin Button, The Visitor, Revolutionary Road, Gran Torino and will report back.

In the meantime, go… enjoy your weeknd… and Go Steelers!


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  1. Patrick O'Connor

    Hi Marc,

    Speaking of MILK, check out who is nominated for a Cadet’s Choice Award. This award is given each year to a film character by the Cadets of West Point that exemplifies the qualities of courage, honor and leadership to which the cadets aspire.

    “Cadets at the U.S. Military Academy have announced their noms for the annual Cadet Choice Award, and Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne is just one of the star selections. Read on for the full list!

    The cadets’ nominees are Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) in ‘The Dark Knight,’ Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg (Tom Cruise) in ‘Valkyrie,’ Dr. Henry Walton “Indiana” Jones, Jr. (Harrison Ford) in ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,’ Harvey Milk (Sean Penn) in ‘Milk,’ James Bond (Daniel Craig) in ‘Quantum of Solace’ and John Hancock (Will Smith) in ‘Hancock.’

    The winning movie character, as voted for by the 4,400 members of the Corps of Cadets, is the one that best exemplifies West Point leadership. The victor will be announced next month.

    Last year, Will Smith won for his role as Dr. Robert Neville in ‘I Am Legend.’ “

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