I Am Troubled…

I hate the fact that innocent civilians and children are being killed in Gaza. But the Israelis are doing what they must.

I hate the fact that the world is so strongly protesting Israel’s actions, for the Israelis are doing what they must.

Violent clashes outside the Israeli embassy in LA last night.  Outrage and protests around the globe, but nary a word being spoken about Hamas using a UN school to launch attacks… a fact confirmed by Palestinians. Nary a word being spoken about the 6,000 mortars and rockets that have been fired into Israel since Hamas took over Gaza in 2006. You heard me right, 6,000. And not a word of outrage or protest or disgust. The Arab world is quick to condemn Israel’s military actions, but stays silent on the mortars and rockets that disrupt daily life for innocent Israelis.

But I ask you, what are we supposed to do when words are not heeded? When one group of people vows for the destruction of an entire country and all its people? When peace is not discussed because the preferred course of dialogue is to launch rockets and mortars at innocents, hoping for death or at the very least a total disruption of simple daily life?

How long do we stand idly by, why the world says nothing? Until we realize that we are damned if we do, and damned if we don’t… but if we don’t our people die… they lose their homes, their peace, their sleep, their lives… even for those who are not killed, they lose their lives!

No one wants to see innocent people die. But this is how Hamas fights. They cower behind innocent women and children. They save their bravado for TV and radio broadcasts, made in underground bunkers where they are safe and hidden. They allow their own people to be killed. They believe it justifies their cause and rallies the world against Israel. And sadly, they are right.

The world seems to shed no tears when a Jewish life is taken. But as soon as a civilian on the other side is caught in the crossfire… tears, anger, hatred and venom spill over like innocent blood.

Think about what you would do, if your child was fired at every single day of their life… if you had no idea from one day to the next, where a rocket or mortar might fall. Would you want to go out? Would you want to go to school or work? Or send your children to do the same?

Think about the lengths you would go to protect your family. This is what Israel is doing. The world has done nothing to protect them, so they are finally, finally taking matters into their own hands.

There can be no peace with an enemy who vows to destroy you. There can be no peace with people who have such little value for human life that they would strap their own children with explosives.

Israel is not perfect. They have made many mistakes and need to be held accountable. But they are not Nazis and to compare them to that evil regime is a cheap shot, a disgusting gesture designed solely to take more away from the Jews than they have already lost. It cheapens the lives of the millions who died in concentration camps… and not just Jews… Russians, Gypsies, Gays… If anything or anyone can be compared to the Nazis, it is the radical terrorists… decapitating and torturing those who are different. Using women and children and the mentally disabled as human bombs. Indoctrinating children, innocent children with lifelong hatred. If they had their way and the tools necessary, they WOULD carry out large scale, terror attacks. They would gas or nuke every last Jew. This is the scourge that needs to be stopped. This is the blight of the world. Do not be fooled by the rhetoric or the one-sided pictures. The free world must finally come together and stand up and truly fight a war on terror.


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