To Blog or Not To Blog

That is the question. For my words cannot possibly capture the magnitude of tonight’s historic election. I knew I would be happy and hopeful that this beautiful country of ours may finally be back on a path of righteousness and greatness. And no, not self righteousness… but one of virtue and decency. I knew I would be thrilled and excited, yet I did not think nor did I expect to be moved to tears. And I was.  Watching the CNN screen light up with Obama Elected President was… incredible and joyous and… well… there are no words… no words…

Watching Roland Martin on CNN tearing up was unbelievably powerful. I cannot imagine what he must be thinking.  And as much as I do not like Jesse Jackson, and thought he showed Obama real disrespect throughout a lot of the campaign, it was hard not to be moved by his tears, as he wrapped his brain around the election of the first African American President of the United States. That is a lot to get your brain around, but even more so as a black man who fought so hard for equal rights and liberties we so often take for granted. Too many shots of him distracted me and made the emotional impact less powerful, but if there was ever a man who could fully understand the significance of this moment, it would be Reverend Jackson.  Well, okay MLK, but unfortunately like so many great men before him, he is not here… physically.

Even McCain’s condolence speech was moving and had he shown some of that compassion and eloquence on the campaign trail, this may have been a very different race. I respected McCain a lot before this race, but his nastiness and anger quickly turned me off.  Tonight he was graceful.  His supporters, however, behaved in a disgusting manner that deeply troubles me. Notice his crowd booing Obama as opposed to the crowd politely applauding McCain in Chicago.  That says a lot.

It also tells us that this country is still divided, and some of the votes on initiatives throughout the county made me sick. Two states, including my own, usually smart and progressive state seemingly voted to ban gay marriage… and even worse, the state of Arkansas voted to ban gay couples from adopting.  This may be more hurtful and vindictive than anything else we have seen.  Words cannot even come to me… I literally just stutter at this thought.

Marriage should be based on two people being in love and wanting to commit the rest of their lives to being together. It should not be affected by race or religion or sexual preference, yet the world does not see it that way. The fact remains, that staying together is hard for any couple, especially heterosexual couples.  Look at the divorce rate.  So who are we to judge. And really, really, how does a gay couple marrying affect us in any negative way?  If we do not allow them to marry, will they suddenly become straight? Ah ha!

Yes, the more things people have in common the easier it may be to stay together. But love is a strange thing. And if you believe in the message of many a love song, love can conquer all.  Society should not and cannot take away people’s freedoms, at least not in this country. If you want it another way, then move to Iran, where there is no homosexuality nor the building of any kind of nuclear arms.  Maybe Little Rock and Tehran can become sister cities.

 We need to come together, more than ever, and be proud to be Americans and know that we have a lot of hard work ahead of us, with necessary repairs both internally and abroad. We are at a vine covered crossroads, and the path, while it may be clear, will not be easy.  But I think we now have Hope. We certainly now have Change. And when things look dire and the battle looks too tough to fight, we need to stand together and say and believe (to steal a phrase from this campaign)… Yes We Can!

And just an FYI… ten bucks says Bristol Palin’s boyfriend Levi dumps her, if not before the birth of the baby, then within two years after.  You know he is relieved as all hell with tonight’s results. So put that in your marriage pipe and smoke it! Palin in 2012! Oy!


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One response to “To Blog or Not To Blog

  1. Jenny Harris

    I don’t know . . . I think Levi was hoping Bristol would go to Washington with her mom, and he could make up some excuse for staying back in AK. No such luck, Levi!

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