Marc’s Playlist – Oct. ’08

Here is my heavy rotation for October. Enjoy.

On the top of the list has to be The Clash – Live at Shea. And not just because I was there. It is life affirming. And I do not say that in a sarcastic or offhanded way. Just listen to the raw power of rock ‘n roll and tell me it does not move you… that you do not feel it in your chest and your gut. Rock ‘n roll must have an immediacy, and maybe secretly the band knew what was coming, because this set is alive and immediate and powerful and fun and just kicks some ass.

And did I mention that I was there, the night of this recording??? Sorry, but that is some cool shit! Run and get this CD. Run, bitch, run!

What Made Milwaukee Famous – What Doesn’t Kill Us

I had heard about this band a while ago and kind of liked them, but it just didn’t grab me. Sure they were getting hyped, but maybe the timing was just off for me.

But now is now and I really dig this album. I mean I cannot stop listening to it!!! I can hear the Beatles and Jeff Buckley influence… and I even hear a little Bon Iver… if Bon Iver was brighter and poppier… or maybe I’m just stretching and trying to throw in Bon Iver because I dig that album a lot and want to sound cool. Either way, this album is fun to listen to, has a lot of great melodies and hooks and should pump this band up.

Ben Folds – Way To Normal

There is just something in his music that I immediately latch on to and identify with. I mean, we are states away, yet there is something so strong I connect to both musically and lyrically. I feel like he writes about conversations we have had (we haven’t) or perhaps he is just magically tapping into my brain. This latest one rocks and hearing him describe his stage accident is funny as all hell, but again, musically powerful. Nice to know that a strong and acidic sense of humor can find a place in the midst of great music.

The Raconteurs – Consolers of the Lonely

But, Marc this CD came out in March… What is happening with you, dude? Yes, for those who know me, you know I love to discover the newest band or album… before anyone else does. It’s the same for restaurants and movies and bars… I just love to share good information with friends. It’s not like I was not aware of this second band from Jack White. I really dig that alt. country rock and love Broken Boy Soldiers… which is also on my current list… and yes, I am kicking myself for not going to see them at the Greek, but I was on concert overload. … it’s just that I’m LISTENING to this CD a lot more now, for whatever reason. Shit happens. Music hits us at certain times and helps get us through… or just rocks us out.

Kings of Leon – Because of the Times, Only By the Night and Youth and Young Manhood

Another band I was aware of, but never really tracked down… until now. Was talking about them at a party with a guy who said I would really dig them based on what I was telling him I listened to. Imagine U2 sifted through Southern Garage rock and add in a little punk and this band will take you to the edge. For fans of My Morning Jacket, there is definitely a little of that, too… Okay, maybe more than a little… but it’s all goood!


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