Words, Words, Words…

Okay, “trouble maker” claims something I sent in an e-mail to friends is gibberish…

I’ll let you decide for yourselves.

“Despite what others say, dialogue and talking are a good first step.  We must have a mighty sword at our side, for that is what this world calls for, but sometimes the pen… or our voice, is truly and actually mightier than the sword.  And at the very least, they must be used together.  For words win hearts and brains, and there are a lot of those we need right now.”

I don’t think this needs clarification, but just to placate “trouble maker” the point is this:

The sword freed Iraq from an evil dictator, but it has not won the hearts and minds of the people.  Words teach us, enlighten us and educate us, and too many regimes and places in this world choose to keep their own people ignorant.  All they have over them is the sword… well, that and ignorance.  The sword is a way of keeping people afraid and in line.  It is the tool of terrorists.  Need I show you some videos?

You know how I feel about Ahmejenidad.  His words are heinous and reprehensible.  But there are others in Iran who do not think that way.  And while we may very well need to use the sword on several levels there, we also need to seek out people who are open to a dialogue, a discussion… to words.
This campaign seeks to set Democrats up as being week, as being unable to fight… W has spent eight years making people think that they are unpatriotic if they even question him and his use of force and the military.

None of us are pro-abortion.  We are pro-choice, just as none of us (at least me) are anti-military.  I have a lot of friends in and out of the military and I respect the shit out of them and thank them for what they have done for us.  Thank the heavens for the protection they give us and thank them for the job they do.

But don’t you dare tell me that I am not a patriot if I question whether or not they are mi8splaced or being used where they should not be.  I am an American, and it is my right, my patriotic duty to stand up and raise my voice and question.  I am a patriot for seeking out the truth.

And as a Democrat and a human being, I do think there is a time and a place for a sword.  Sometimes it is the only way.  There was no choice in picking up a sword to fight the Nazis.  And there is no choice in picking up a sword to fight terrorists and extremists.  What many people do not realize is how very personally I take 9/11.  I was born in NYC, and even though I no longer live there, I am connected to that city, it is a part of me.  I am drawn to it.  And that was an attack on me.  People I knew died in that building.My own mother was on a PATH train under the WTC as things were going on.  I was back in NYC just over a month after 9/11 and it was raw.  People were in shock.  The city was a wounded animal.  I will never forget that.  And as we must NEVER forget the Holocaust… none of us… or Darfur… or Rwanda… or Serbia… we must NEVER forget 9/11.  And I will take up a sword to destroy that evil who seeks to destroy me and my family and my way of life.  I will defend my freedom to the death, if that is what I have to do.  But I also must speak out… and use my freedom of expression… my vote… my words…

And those words cannot be hollow.  They need to be carefully and precisely defined and used… quite an issue we have had in eight years with W.  He struggles for words, misuses and mispronounces them and very often cannot find them.  Palin could not pronounce nuclear.   Hmmm… neither can W.  Interesting.

PS – Did you hear how McCain kept making fun of Obama’s eloquence???  While we certainly don’t want to be spoken down to, eloquence is a sign of intelligence, and something that has been absent from the White House for 8 years!


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