Brown Skies Better Clear Up – Fire Update 10/13/08

Just an update for any of you watching the news.  The fire in Little Tujunga is bad.  Far worse than the one we had here in August.  The wind is so strong that it is smokier here now, than when the fire was literally in our backyard.  It’s crazy how bad the air is.  Eyes, mouth, throat and chest burning.

There is that expression about looking at the world through rose colored glasses… well today that seems like all we can do.  There is a rose, copperish, brown haze casting itself over the entire horizon.  It is as if someone took a colored prism and is holding it in front of the sun.  The shadow and tricked out light envelops the sky with thick beige puffs of smoke.  It is intense.

Outside Station 125… our saviors from the last fire… sit 25 trucks and many weary, tired firemen from many different companies, resting and waiting.  They say that if things keep blowing, that the fire could jump and possibly start heading towards us.  I say possibly.  Right now the winds are so bad and unpredictable, that no one knows.  This is a bad one, folks.

We are not in any serious or immediate danger, but houses, trailer homes and warehouses are gone.  Watching people’s homes totally engulfed in flames is always horrific.  But unfortunately, I have a much more visceral and heart tugging understanding of that now.  Talk about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes… Luckily for us all we had to do was a short jog.

Say a prayer and keep your eyes on the news.  I’ll send an update when I can.


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