Ding. Round 2. Neutral Corners! Yeah, right!

When I read the “analysis” on AOL, I wonder if perhaps my TV was broadcasting a different debate… or maybe I was watching one in subtitles and therefore missing the actual language being spoken on stage.

Was this one exciting?  Not really.  Were there fireworks?  Well, I suppose there were a few heated exchanges.  And according to the pundits, the pressure was on McCain to hit a home run… and you know what, he looked like the Angels and Cubs… Oh my poor Cubbies… no home run… not much offense at all.

CNN’s after debate analysis actually seemed pretty good… and yes, there were those who took their bias into their opinions, but you got a nice range of thoughts and ideas.  

What will stick in my craw and stay with me from this debate are three things.  

First off, McCain was in this high pitched, kind of whiny voice for a lot of the first half.  He sounded like a smug and condescending Stuart from Mad TV.  Seriously, go back and watch it and listen to his tone.  It’s kind of creepy and really annoying.  And almost all of his answers start with a smear, of course, and never a real answer.  

Second, “that one…”  Are you f’ing kidding me?  The amount of disdain McCain has for Obama is palpable… He talks about how naiive Obama is for “announcing” that he is going to attack Pakistan.  Hmmm… your body and facial language, John would get you in a lot of trouble at the poker tables.  He hides nothing.  Not his disdain, nor the troubling fact that he is known as quite a hothead.  The anger he has is right there for all to see.  I want my president to be, well… presidential.  Not folksy, or angry or filled with disdain, but presidential.  There is a time for showing disdain, sure… when talking about the likes of Ahmencrapperhead or Robert Mugabe… but when you are debating a colleague… Where’s the across the aisle on that, John?

Are you going to scowl in your meetings with folks like Putin?  Or wink like Governor Barbie?  Hmmm… body language, tells, give aways.  Nice job, John.

Third, and no one is mentioning this, so maybe no one else saw it… but at 50 minutes into the debate MCain is walking behind Obama, he makes a hand gesture to someone in the audience, kind of like a “calm down” or “be patient” movement of the hand, then he stops, and seems to stare out into space, although you realize quickly that he is looking at someone specific and then he does this other strange hand gesture where his right hand comes up to his chest, his heart.  Not sure what it meant… maybe it was to Cindy, but it was rude and odd and if we had Belichick it would have been stolen… I put it up there with Bush One looking at his watch.  Check it out and tell me what you get from it.

Anyway… I am trying not to be angry, really.  But McCain is just pissing me off.

Tomorrow I spread the anger on both sides, so watch out for that.

And if we get to rate moderators, I put Gwen Ifill at the top.  Jim Lehrer a strong second… I liked him a lot, too.  But Brokaw really disappointed.  Maybe it was the format, but it seemed like he had no control, let them ramble, especially McCain and did not add to the evening.  Sad.


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