A Star’s Guide to Fitness and Beauty

If you’re like me, you get sick and tired of reading US Weekly or Parade’s Healthy Style insert, and here’s why… They always have these drop dead gorgeous stars on the cover talking about their “secret” fitness tips. It’s enough to make me want to barf… and no, they don’t fess up to that!

“We recently sat down with Kate Poshman to discuss how she stays so fit and healthy and keeps that fabulous figure. Here is what she said…”

On Diet:

Fernando wakes me up every morning at 7 am for a half glass of OJ and a fabulous high protein snack he has cooked up the night before. I have never really been in it, but I hear my kitchen is to die for. I have a Viking Range, Sub Zero Fridge and those neat special Sub Zero drawers and an island the size of… well… an island.

After my workout, Fernando has a special balanced meal that includes protein, grains and fruit. Every day it is something different, and I just love the fact that he always serves me with flowers.

He also prepares all of my lunches and dinners and all my snacks. We are so lucky to be able to put him up in our small guest-house, which is just off the pool house. The large guest-house is reserved for family and really good friends.

When I am on a movie set and away from home, it troubles me when the production company won’t pay to have him on the set. When that happens I get really pissy and make them order me my Zone Meals. I always eat alone in my trailer, which allows me time to meditate and relax.

On Exercise

Some people make fun of me, but it is really a long walk to get to the gym. It is all the way at the opposite end of the house, and I have to walk up a lot of stairs.

Once I am there, I already feel like I have worked myself out, but I have Natasha lead me through my Yoga and Pilates and then Phil leads me through my cardio and weight training. Working with personal trainers is really hard, and sometimes I really miss the days when it was just me and a friend at 24 Hour Fitness. I miss the loud, pumping dance music and all the guys staring at my tight ass. And yes, boys, that is all me.

On Sleep

Well, people do not realize how stressful life can be. I’m a person, too. I get it. That’s why one of my best beauty secrets is a good night’s sleep, and that always starts with an hour-long massage. Everyone should get a massage every day. You can take that to the bank. I find if I am relaxed, then I sleep better… and yes, my $15,000 Dux bed makes a difference, but I really think it is my evening ritual… massage, glass of water… and if I have been good and my calorie count is on target… I may have a glass of wine or a sip of Amaretto. Yummy. They say one glass of something per night has health benefits.

On Skin Care:

I think that a healthy and daily skin regimen is absolutely a must. First off, you have to have a facial at least every two weeks. Second, only use the best products out there. My one regret is that I don’t get to spend as much time at the mall anymore, especially because all these companies send me their entire product lines for free. It gets to be overwhelming, and sometimes… not always but sometimes I will have to give some of it away. Let me just tell you, our nanny and housekeeper have amazing skin.

And also an afternoon massage really helps, too. It helps your muscles and your skin and your spirit. Oh and drink lots of expensive bottled water. Really, it’s better.


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