Non Sequiturs (Part 1)

Pre-season hockey last night.  Kings vs. Coyotes.  Not a violent person, but there is something to be said about pre-season games and the young players needing to prove themselves on the ice by getting into fights.  At least five during the first period, including one where the smallest Coyote (Keefe, I think) took on the biggest King.  It got ugly fast… and even Ivanans of the Kings just stopped throwing punches at a point.  Kings won 6-4.  Staples was really empty.  Uh oh.

Scared of Sarah Palin?  Don’t just think of her as being one heartbeat away from the presidency… think of her as being one weakened heartbeat away from the presidency.  If McCain wins, this three time battler of skin cancer will be the oldest president to get sworn in for a first term.  Well, okay, you can also think about the dire straits this country is in and how McCain is Bush, Part 3 and how Sarah Palin is barely qualified to be a lunch lady.  What we need is real change now more than ever.  And I’m not talking about what we’ll be left with when the Republicans get a hold of our money.  Heaven help us.

Guess what?  The Republicans are back to their favorite game… blaming Clinton for all the woes of the contemporary world.  Here’s a thought, how ’bout we all take responsibility, since this is an issue that was caused by corporate greed and massive government oversight… on both sides of the aisle.  My cousin Seth, who sees eye to eye with me on virtually nothing, made an astute point a while back that has always stuck with me.  Most presidents or government officials solve very little… they simply manage problems and pass them on to the next administration.  This current housing/mortgage crisis can be traced back years and years, and while I think the current administration has to be held accountable, especially since the only thing they had their eyes on was war and their personal wallets, we all must come together and not jump the shark.  We need to really make sure this bail out is the way to go.  We must not let politics or partisanship interfere, however, we can also not allow this president more unfettered, limitless power.  

Who was it the other night that said watching Bush is watching ignorance in action?  Sad, but oh so true.

For those of you who are dumb like me and still on AOL… hey, I don’t pay for it… have you done some of their polls?  Wow.  It should be called Red State America on Line.  Or Half of America on Line.

Who do you blame for the current crisis?  GOP.  Who are you voting for?  McCain.

McCain says he has little economic experience.  Who is best suited to be the economic leader?  McCain.

Do you agree that Palin is not qualified to be Vice President?  Yes.  Who would you most like to see as President?  Palin.  Oh man…

I have discovered the secret to fixing NAFTA.  We must travel to Niagara Falls and find some good folks who can see Canada from their houses.  Then we will travel to Brownsville, Texas, and find similar folks who can see Mexico.  These will then be our panel of experts on international relations, and the free trade agreement.  Never mind that they know very little about finance or politics and think that trade is something baseball teams do.  If you can see another country from your house, you are good enough for me!

By the way, I can see the sky from my house and have just been chosen by NASA to become an Astronaut.  Hot diggity!


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