Lies, Lies, Lies… Yeah!

Here’s the thing… this crisis is going to take a full investigation, both of the CEOs and managers of the companies in question, as well as a thorough look at our own government officials.

With that said, the lies need to stop and stop now.  This is far too important to be lost in politics and bullshit.  Without exaggeration, this is about the health and wealth of this great country and whether or not we will have an economy that is in the crapper and on its way down the pipes to pollute the ocean or one that can be lifted out the muck and mire and back to where it belongs… in a healthy, strong dollar, American Pride, free market.

So enough with the lies, Mr. McCain… Enough.

I am so sick and tired of this lie first and fast and get it out to the public, before your opponent has time to find something that is actually true on you.  

McCain shoots so fast and furious from the hip, you have to ask if this is the quality you want in a president.  He lies about Obama’s involvement in this crisis and who he is getting advise from.  He puts that out there for all the dumb Americans to hear, knowing once they hear it, it doesn’t matter if it is contradicted or proved to be a lie later.  It’s like going to a psychic.  You hear one thing you want to hear, and boom, you are theirs.  (Thanks, Andre).  

To make matters much worse, we now come to find out that he and his aide have been lying about their own and actual involvement in this crisis.  Doh!

Here is a must read letter from Obama:

And lastly, and really think about who this is coming from, is a great article from George Will on both McCain and Obama and the current crisis… Sounds like he may be endorsing Obama soon.  Wow!

Sorry… one more thing that just struck me.  Think about how many times, with this administration, the words “current crisis” have been used.  Current meaning now, the present.  Crisis, well, electing Bush and all that followed.  But seriously… the current crisis… the most recent one… the one now in a long line of crises W has created and left for us.  This is just the current crisis.  Let’s forget all the other ones… and the ones we will discover after the criminals leave the White House… after we dig through the books and see what W and Cheney have hidden under the floor boards.  Oh, where is Edgar Allan Poe when you need him.


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