The Emmys – Sad Inspiration

I get sad watching the Emmys.  It makes me realize that I am not doing what I really want to be doing.  It’s hard not be envious of those making a living and following their dreams, all at the same time.  Such is the life of an actor/writer.  Very few of us will ever actually make it to the levels we dream of.  Like so many friends and family like to say, “you picked a tough profession.”

As we get older, at least for me, the idea of being a star quickly fades… well, okay so maybe it’s been like a slow, long burn out… but being a star is not what I want anymore.  I love my privacy, I love my anonymity, but I do want to be a working actor and writer, making enough to support myself and my family and buy my folks that condo I promised them when I was eight. 

As my mother said the other night, at the rate I’m going, the condo is going to be in a retirement home 

Hey, I’m working on it… Lots of things in the fire… Lots of things… Like this blog, for example!

What?  You want to know how much a blog pays…  Okay… Let me ask someone…

What?  What???  Are you fricking kidding me?

Here’s the thing about acting or writing or many pursuits into artistic endeavors, is that, for a lot of us, we did not pick it, it picked us.  It called to us.  I mean, who else would willingly subject themselves to the daily rejection and heartbreak that is the life of an actor. 

It also makes me think about the time wasted, both in pursuit, or, perhaps more importantly, not in pursuit.  Did I do enough?  Did I do everything I could have and should have done?

And you wonder why so many of us are in therapy.

But that’s only half of it.  Yeah, leave it to me to start with the negative.  Watching the Emmys and other awards shows does also inspire.

There is always the tale of the ones who stuck it out, against all odds, and made it… The ones who fought and clawed and slept their way to the top.  

I kid because it has never been offered to me… not once… Really… Male or female… nothing… nada… zip… 

When I walk into an office, they pull the casting couch out.  Literally.  Right out of the room.

I once went in to read for a pilot, and just as I got in the room is exactly when the creator and writer decided to go out for a smoke.  You could see a look of panic on the casting director’s face as she grabbed some random crew guy and told me I’d be reading with him.  I like to think that it was my sheer power that so commanded the room, and that as I walked in, he felt inadequate and had to leave. 

No, I did not get the job.  Jealous bastard.

Here’s what did inspire me last night… Steve Martin, Tommy Smothers… comic geniuses… Ricky Gervais, my new comic hero.  Always funny, loose, self depricating… can this man do wrong?  I cannot tell you how much I adore, admire and love this man.  The original BBC production of The Office and Extras are amongst some of the greatest TV of all time.  Brilliant!

Seriously, as much as I now love the American version of The Office, if you have not seen the original, go out and watch all 12 episodes, plus the finale.  It is right up there in my Top 5.

Taxi, MASH, Seinfeld, The Office (BBC) and Fawlty Towers (BBC).  Okay, I’d also have to include the first five years of SNL, The Simpsons, Mary Tyler Moore, The Carol Burnett Show, All in the Family and Are You Being Served (BBC).

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler… love them!!!

Steven Colbert… who I went to NU with and did some comedy with back in our Harold, Improv Olympic days in a group called the No Fun Mud Pirhanas always makes me proud.  Class act all the way.  From Strangers With Candy to The Colbert Report.  It’s inspiring to see him on that Emmy stage… and yes, okay a bit envy inducing.  There, I said it.  Sheesh.  You people want an honest blog, don’t you?

Laura Linney… great comment about “community organizers.”  You go, girl!  Point to you.

Television entertains.  Television educates.  Television inspires.  It is a tool for communication and when used objectively and in the right way, it can show us truths.  Television will be of the utmost importance this Friday night, as we get to witness the first presidential debate.  We need to recognize how important this election is, not only to us, but perhaps more importantly to our children.

Our country is broken, and on November 4th, no matter how you vote, you have the opportunity, the inalienable right, to try to help fix it.

So go, turn on your TV.  I promise to be on it soon.

No, not getting carted away by police at some protest… for a good reason.  Really.  Look, don’t worry how… I gotta guy who knows a guy who’s owed a favor.  Sheesh.


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