Christian Bale Out

I often get compared to two people… mostly Jon Favreau, but occasionally Christian Bale.  No offense,  Jon, but I’ll take the Dark Knight.  And if some insane person wants to compare me to Bale in American Psycho, I’d say they’re smoking steroids, but I’ll take it in a second.  I would, however, looooove to be in Iron Man 2, so maybe I should embrace the comparison and say the Swingers, Rocky Marciano version of Favreau is all me.  Hire me, buddy.  I’m your doppelganger.  Anyway… There will be more on this later.  In the meantime, I just liked the play on words.

By now you are probably as nauseous as I am with all these bail outs.  Essentially the government, who is run on, let’s see… our taxes… or in other words… OUR FRICKING HARD EARNED MONEY… is taking over these companies who have been driven into the ground by careless, greedy execs.  If these guys were baseball managers, they would have been fired more times than Billy Martin.  

Imagine it like this.  And I am openly tweaking what Glenn Beck says quite well already…

I borrow 100 dollars from a bank.  I immediately put 50 in my pocket, because… well,  I deserve it… and then I take the other 50 and do something smart like loaning it to a guy who has a FICO score of 2.  We add a few zeros to his income and we’re good to go.  And maybe we even make him accountable for my 50… what the heck.  The market dips, he can’t pay me back, so I borrow some more.  And oh yeah, he loses his house.  Oops.  I do the same thing again… one for me, one for you… one, two for me, two for you.  We do this a couple of times until the market really crashes.  I walk away with a very large wad of cash in my pocket (and a few homes, Ferraris and Porsches and a mistress or two) and have the government cover the company’s losses.  Doh! 

So obviously corporate and personal greed is to blame for this latest mess… as well as the S&L crisis and Enron and backdating stock options, etc., etc.  Hopefully we can at least agree on that.  But let us look at the climate created both literally and metaphorically by our pal W.  There is an environmental and financial meltdown going on.  Our government has allowed these corporations to be greedy pigs and thrive, at least temporarily.  Apparently there were warnings that were all but ignored.  And what was obvious or should have been obvious to our so called experts, was the huge numbers of corporations not paying taxes, finding loopholes to everything and then skating on a very fine line of legality.  Once again, we better hear some solid ideas from both sides come Friday, Sept. 26th.  McCain has already pulled a 180.  And I’m reading through some of Obama’s info., so I’ll get back to you all on that.  My brain is most definitely not one that works with numbers, so feel free to comment and guide.  Security is a big issue in this election… financial security needs to be at the top of that list.


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