Patting Myself

You people have dirty, dirty minds.  I meant a pat on my back, and I’ll explain why in a minute.

Okay, first off… did you know that Rush Limbaugh was conservative?  I mean really conservative?  I had no idea.  I thought he was some pill popping, lovable Santa Clause type… Interesting how if you type the word Santa a bit too fast on the ‘ol keyboard it sometimes comes out as Satan.  Hmmm…

(Readers Note:  Hopefully you all know to pick up on my heavy sarcasm, especially demonstrated in that last passage.)

So anyway, back to Rush, the ultra right wing freak show.  I had no idea that the Democrats were actually the ones to blame for all the ills of the world and especially for the mortgage crisis.  Apparently it is the governments regulations that have increased the price of oil and contributed to major companies running themselves into the ground.  And these regulations are all attributable to the Dems.  I’m not saying that government interference has not caused trouble… It most certainly has.  But Rush would have you believe that the ONLY ones at fault are the Dems and NO ONE ELSE.  PERIOD.

I guess Rush doesn’t hang out with the careless executives who drive a company into the ground and then jump out of the corporate jet right before it crashes with a golden parachute as a reward for such great executive skills and decision making.  By all means, let you and I pay for these rogue executives who risk it all in the name of self fortune making and public fortune shanking.  Forget the fact that it’s our stock prices that have become worthless and just as we lose our life savings, we then, as a special bonus, and gift with purchase, get to spend more money out of our pockets to cover their debt and bail these bozos out.

Rush also taught me that  there have been more murders in Chicago than deaths in Iraq this month and Obama is to blame.  That’s right, the Messiah, as he likes to call Obama is at fault.  And the Democrats have ruined every state in which they are in power.  Every one.    Thanks, Rush.  I did not know that.  I have since re-registered in the Stupid Party and will be writing you in as my candidate of choice.

Usually my AM radio listening is limited to 1070 for traffic and news and Radio Disney, because I like to gouge my eyeballs out and hear the same ten songs over and over as I drive.  If it wasn’t for Miley and the Jo Bros, I don’t know where I’d be.  Okay, the Jonas Brothers are actually pretty talented and they’re from Jersey and would not drive me mad if I did not have to hear their CDs over and over and over and over and…

Basically, AM radio is dominated by the radical right, including the “no spin” doctor Bill O’Reilly.  How did biased, one-sided, hypocritical reporting get to be categorized as “no spin”?  Okay, okay Bill does sometimes speak out against McCain.  But he is usually just to the right of “as far to the right as you can go without falling off the flat earth.”

I personally think AM should stand for Arrogant Morons or Absolute Mularkey or Another Martini, which is what I really want after listening to these guys.  Wow!

So anyway…

Here I am flipping back and forth between No Spin and Rush Limbleeeccckkk and one of the guests on O’Reilly’s show starts to describe Sarah Palin’s performance with Charlie Gibson almost word for word the way I did.  Had this guy read my blog?  Or am I just a genius and the Jungian collective unconscious has picked my brain?  Or was my analogy so obvious that it is what everyone else thought?  I’d like to think it was my genius AND that this guy read my blog, but that is my own little fantasy for the day.  The real point is that he was criticizing her and using the same exact thoughts that I did.  Cool.  Now of course Bill stepped up to defend her a bit, because you know, this is “no spin” radio and she really did do a good job in that interview.  Not.

Anyway… the first debates should reveal all.  So until then, stay strong and don’t worry… be happy.


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One response to “Patting Myself

  1. Joshman

    The economy is in a nuclear meltdown. The Taliban is reasserting itself in Afgh. Russian is rattling the sabers for the Arctic. And what is the McCain campaign doing? Still whining that Obama was talking about Palin in that “pig/lipstick” reference.


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