Marc’s Current Playlist – Sep’t ’08

Okay, I firmly believe that we find certain music at certain times in our life because that it what we need to hear.

I also believe that certain music finds us.

I liked Falling Slowly,” the Academy Award winning song from this past year a lot.  My wife could not understand how that could win over either song from Enchanted.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a full on Stephen Schwartz loving metrosexual… and I loved Enchanted, but on the surface and without having seen the film, I kind of got it… There was just something to “Falling Slowly”… and it’s possible that the two Enchanted songs cancelled themselves out. 

Here’s the thing… I had not seen Once until two nights ago… and when I did, the reason that song won made total sense.  It is the soul of that movie.  It drives that movie.  It is beautiful and heartbreaking and poetic and reveals the characters better than any dialogue or monologue.  It is the very nature of the film and that is what a Best Original Song written for a motion picture should be… an integral, essential part of the fabric of the film.

So in the last week, that song and film found me.  And then I found The Swell Season, the new CD from Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová.  Wow.  If music should move you and harmonize you and go deep into your soul, then this is music.  He channels Cat Stevens in a completely new, fresh way!

Stew… I’ve talked about him a lot lately… but I’ll tell you, his gospel tinged, Burt Bacharach style pop/rock music is smart and insightful and at the same time is plain old beautiful music.  “Way of Life” is on my daily play list and my daughter wants me to play it over and over… although it’s a good thing she does not understand the lyrics.  I just got the CD Welcome Black from his band The Negro Problem and love that, too!

Duncan Shiek still continues to impress and move me and is on my daily playlist… and if you have not seen Spring Awakening, you absolutely must.  It’s still on Broadway and is coming to LA and will blow you away!

An old song and one that I always loved, but has recently found me again is The Moody Blue’s “Legend of a Mind.”  That one came out of nowhere and just grabbed me by the ears.

Brett Dennen – A great singer songwriter.

Missy Higgins.  On a Clear Night is a fantastic record and I cannot stop listening to “100 Round the Bends.”

Alejandro Escovedo.  Did not know about this guy until he popped up on stage with Bruce in Texas, but he has been around for a long time.  His new CD Real Animal is amazing!

Nick Drake.  Classic, tragic singer-songwriter.  Beautiful and haunting music.  Any thing and everything!

Four Day Hombre – Another Rob find.  Nice!


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