I’m Mad As Hell and I’m Not Gonna Take It Anymore!

Before I rant, let me inspire. Saw Chazz Palminteri at the Wadsworth in LA tonight doing his one man show A Bronx Tale. Brilliant, personal, funny, moving. Do not miss this one, nor the lesson we all need to hear, especially me… “The saddest thing in the world is wasted talent.”

And allow me to quote Dara Torres, the stunning and inspiring 41 year-old Olympic athlete: “Do not put an age limit on your dreams.”

I ask you all to hold me accountable. I hereby swear to get off my ass and muster up whatever talent I have and use it! My Nike shoes told me to just do it. So I will!

That’s the inspiration, here comes the rant… and let me quickly quote from the great Paddy Chayefsky… “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore.”

The recent polls put McCain ahead! Are you fricking kidding me?
Am I living in the Land of the Lost?
What part of the last eight years do you not understand?

The mortgage crisis?
The take over of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae?
Bear Stearns…
The government all but abandoning the victims of Katrina…
The deficit…
That little place called Iraq…
The rise of China as a superpower, taking all our natural resources and our jobs and our production; and us sinking into the sidelines like Barry Bonds.

All that muscle and bluster was based on bullshit. W and Cheney are Balco and they have been shooting us up with steroids and lies and more steroids and more lies and fake blood tests and…

All of a suddenly the party that put W up on a pedestal will tell you they are the party that will change this country and fix all that he has done. Hello! They are the ones who broke it.

How is it that they get to argue both sides of the coin without anyone seeing the utter hypocrisy?

If you want change from the Republicans, give them your dollars, because change is all you will get back!

Give them your hopes and dreams and they will give you fear and paranoia.

W and Cheney have stepped on the Constitution like Sylvester Stallone on Dancing with the Stars… if that happened. I said if!

W’s first election was a crime, literally. But his re-election was even worse. It was a crime this country perpetrated on itself. And now we may do it again?

How dare McCain accuse Obama of being a sexist with his “lipstick on a pig” comment? It’s a commonly used phrase and not only that, but one McCain used when talking about Hillary. I just watched the footage. His was far more direct. And McCain makes sexist and tasteless jokes all the time.

But it’s like the boy who has his finger straight up his nose, looks right at you and yells, “Marc, stop picking your nose.”

The class turns, looks at me, and now the Boy Who Cried Wolf has branded me a nose picker. And that is what the morons in the class will think I am… because rotten Johnny put it out there first.

These are straight-faced lies the Republicans are telling and we cannot let them get away it. McCain has gone from respectable, to I’ll do whatever it takes to get elected. At which savings and loan did he cash in his soul? Or perhaps he just refinanced one of the seven houses he didn’t know he owned with the Bank of Deceit.

Holy s—t!

I will gladly talk substance. Gladly. But it is so hard to do when the Republicans run ads like a bunch of lying, crying babies!

So let’s put the real issues aside for one moment, like the Republicans plan to do for the whole campaign.

Let’s look at one thing… just one simple thought for the moment. We have suffered for eight years, listening to our so-called leader mispronounce words, places, leaders names. He is the example of how NOT to public speak… He is the example we hold up to show our children the things NOT to do.

Do not behave like Lindsay Lohan and do not speak like President Bush.

He is inarticulate and has no poetry or music in his soul.

I know… I know… people want to say that Obama does not deserve to be elected based solely on his oratory skills. And I agree. I am not saying that he should be. I see so much more to the man. Really. I see our great country back on a path of discovery and invention… I see us rising from the ashes of W and becoming the true leader of the world, in action and deed. Leading the world in becoming more green and saving our planet, while at the same time being a leader of industry and innovation.

But you know what? This country needs poetry and music, now more than ever. We need a leader who can inspire us with words and thoughts and big ideas. Not just us, but people around the world. It is a global world out there. It is not just us. We are not the superpower we once were. People do not respect us nearly as much as they did. We not respect ourselves.

Actions certainly speak louder than words… they always will… but in a time when people fall prey to so much rhetoric… where one candidate can continually lie and speak in blatant falsehoods… why should we follow the words of hate and divisiveness.. the words of fear…

Let us be uplifted by words of hope, by true words of change!


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