Once upon a Gloomy Sunday, I was confounded by Sarah Palin.

I get frustrated when I don’t see movies in the theatre, where they should be seen.  As big as TVs have gotten, it’s just not the same thing.  But you know how that goes… you have a kid, and a wife who works late each night and the last thing she wants to do when she gets home is go out.  My wife also has a tendency to fall asleep during movies, which drives me nuts, but luckily for her, I am able to hockey check her each and every time I catch her dozing.  Okay, it’s more like a gentle elbow, but the hockey check sounded so much better and I was channeling Sarah Palin “Hockey Mom.”

I am qualified to be President because I am… “Hockey Mom.”  Good sell.  I’m in.  I sure hope my old soccer coach who used to curse a blue streak runs for office. 

But enough politics for now.  Did you know my wife also fell asleep at a Springsteen concert… I’ll give her the fact that she was pregnant, but come on!  Springsteen?!  And the same weekend she fell asleep during a performance of “Hedwig and the Angry Inch.”  Ouch.

Anyway… although I wish I had seen both Once and Gloomy Sunday in the theatre, I also believe that we find certain movies at certain times in our lives… usually when we need them the most.  And that, my friends, is one of the reasons art is actually important and vital.

Once is a beautiful film that I had heard about long before it won the Academy Award for Best Song.  My wife felt like one of the songs from Enchanted should have won, and as much as I love Stephen Schwartz and that movie, once you see Once, you will understand how much that song meant to that film and why it is so simple, beautiful, poetic, powerful and brilliant.  This is filmmaking at its purest… a simple story that is far from simple… great music, great complex characters and shot in Ireland.  Every single time I see any part of Europe on screen I just want to move there.  I cannot put my finger on it, but the architecture, the streets, the cities… they are just rich in history and culture and humanity. 

My folks had been raving about Gloomy Sunday when it first came out, and for some reason, I just never got to it.  Talk about a deep and complex film… Wow!  This movie works on so many levels it is astonishing.  My brain was trying to wrap itself around it all for days afterwards.  It deals with humanity and greed and morals and ethics and what people will do to live and love.  Fascinating film!

I sort of saw one of the major plot points coming, but not in the way the filmmaker delivered.  The twists were smart and the film never shies away from exploring the duality of human beings, and what happens when people change either by themselves or because of the world (or government) around them.  It is a story that will force you to really think about history and human beings and what it all really means. 

And now for my political diatribe…

Okay, was it just me, or did ANYONE find Palin’s speech boring and by the book?  The pundits were certainly raving and calling her a political superstar, but it seems that people want me to believe that just because she gave a good speech, we should all now relax and accept that she is ready to be president.  Look, McCain is 72 and has three recent bouts with skin cancer, so it is a real issue and one to be concerned with.  And where they get off saying she has more experience than Biden and Obama together is crazy, Pubby spin!

I am just tired of the hypocrisy… and I am not saying it is one sided, but since the most recent bout is coming from the Elephants, let me just address it.

They say that just because Obama gives good speeches and has a great rhetoric, that does not mean he is ready to be president.

But when Palin gives a strong speech (and no, I did not care for it) oh, well, that is the sign that she is ready!

Obama used his cute kids to show what a great family guy he is.  Bastard!  I can’t believe his younger daughter would wave and laugh and be silly.  That’s a page right out of the Democrat handbook.  Fricking kid!

But with Palin’s baby… no visual metaphors there.  I mean, really… give that kid a sedative and pass him around like a joint!  I’m sorry, but could that baby have been handed off anymore?  It was like he was the football in that crazy Cal-Stanford game from 1982 where they ran through the band and had all those laterals.  I was waiting for the kid to stage dive and move into the hands of every fricking delegate in that building.


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One response to “Once upon a Gloomy Sunday, I was confounded by Sarah Palin.

  1. Dear Sir:
    I just saw this Sarah Palin on TV last night. Boy, what a little “firecracker” she is! I was completely impressed at how she didn’t answer one single question, yet talked for almost an hour. That’s REAL vice-presidential material in my book. I also was quite amazed at her deep and detailed knowledge of the Bush Doctrine, not even realizing what it was and thinking that Charlie Gibson was asking about Bush’s policies. There’s a smart woman. Brilliant. After watching her on Nightl ine last night, I went to sleep completely comfortable in the knowledge that we as a country would be safe from terrorists which we have NEVER SEEN, except for the pre-planned 9/11 incident, where their passports miraculously turned up completely unscathed in a pile of hot ashes and debris. I feel comfortable knowing she would preside over the senate, answer the phone at three in the morning with a cheery and COURTEOUS hello (I can’t be sure of that with Obama. He has no experience), and20knowing if she were president, her finger would be on that little red button. Ready. And she wouldn’t be blinking. That’s something I want in a vice president too. No blinking. Dry socket.
    I also feel like her make-up and hair style is fabulous, love her eye-glasses (those are Kawasaki frames, by the way. They were very popular in 1982 when she bought them). She knows diplomats names as long as they’re wearing name tags, and she KNOWS the difference between a diplomat and a head of state, and I bet she can sing re-e-e-eal purty, like, too.
    And once she and the war mavin McCain (Mc “CAIN?” This guy’s name should be McRESPIRATOR!! Thank you) are in power, I can’t wait to go to war with Russia, Iran, Pakistan, India, Bottswana, Kurdistan, Mozambique, Pago Pago, Malay, Tasmania, the Falkland Islands (who I feel never really learned their lesson) and ANYONE ELSE who stands in the way of democracy or who we think might be thinking about possibly gearing up toward the consideration of bu ilding weapons of mass destruction at some point in the distant future, maybe. Me personally? I think we should send troops in wherever and whenever we can and want. OH…and I almost forgot. So…she WOULD be in favor of entering a foreign country without the approval of…wait, what was that question again? Oh, it doesn’t matter. She didn’t understand when Charlie asked it, she skirted around it for most of the interview, and when she answered she didn’t even answer. So it MUST NOT be very important. And I think, as busy as the Governor of ALASKA is these days, where most of the population is polar bears and penguins, if country invasion is on the back burner for her, it is for me too.
    I just wish she could be a little more Christian, but what we have is just fine.
    Vote McCain. Which…by the way…is that a comb over he has on the top of his head? I can never quite figure that out. The “part” looks high enough, but I don’t know. And what the hell does he have in his cheeks, acorns? What the hell is that??
    Thank you for your courtesy.
    An American Citizen.

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