Marc’s Muse – My So Called Mid-Life Blog

So… another blog.  I know what you’re thinking.  Where was this guy two, three years ago?  I was around.  You know… I was just doing stuff.

Or maybe you’re thinking, does the world need another blogger?  Well, my friends think so.  Although I think they’re just happy that their e-mail inboxes won’t be so swamped with the e-mail blogs I’ve been sending out for the last few years.  Although, I do have to say that I have had only one request for removal, so that’s not too bad.  And yes, I have more than three friends!

My family and blogging… not so much.  My mother does not like the whole heart on your sleeve, deeply personal revelation stuff… Lesson number one, do not e-mail your parents blogs in which you discuss addressing your own mortality and the depression you feel over certain film actor or director’s deaths.  Parents get scared by stuff like that.  They actually call you up and ask if you’re okay… and then e-mail your brother and friends and ask them to check on you.

It’s sweet, but also a lot of work to try to explain yourself and that you really are not e-mailing from some ledge somewhere.  So… stop the e-mails, start the blog. 

The mysterious group of people commonly quoted in sentences like “People say…,” actually say that the best blogs are specific.  In fact, “People say the more specific the better.”

Going through Julia Child’s cookbook one recipe at a time… Dang it.  Being a stripper, then selling a script and winning an Oscar… Come on, are you kidding me???!!!  Why are all the good ones taken???

Be specific… Well, when you’re an average white guy, you want to talk about a lot of things… music, wine, politics, the state of the world, food.  The only thing specific about that is… well… that it’s coming from me.  So maybe that’s my angle.  My musings.

Okay… so what am I exactly?  Have you Googled Average White Guy?  There are far too many of us.  One man shows, comedy tours…

So maybe I’m above average.  I went to a good school.  I like to think that I am fairly intelligent.

So I Googled Above Average White Guy… same hits and no one saying they were above average.

There you go!  Maybe that’s my niche.

I Googled Mid Life Crisis… nothing but a lot of self-help sites and some offers for psychological counseling.  That’s not good.  We’re not all crazy.  I mean I’m not saying that I don’t need some therapy.  I could probably use a few sessions on the couch, but there really is more to it than that!

I think I’m onto something.

I’m your above average white guy, possibly in the middle of an early mid-life crisis… educated and under employed… who loves to ramble about music, movies, food and wine!

So there it is… welcome to my world.  

Marc’s Muse – My So Called Mid-Life Blog


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