My Intro, Part Deux

So there you go.  Above average white guy.  Born in New York City.  Raised in New Jersey.  

And raised on classic Rock ‘n Roll.  Springsteen, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac… That’s where it all started.

And unlike most people whose musical tastes seem to refine with age, mine are exploding all over the place.  I’m listening to things I never gave a second thought to!  Hip Hop, Electronica… things I did not hear growing up in Bergen County, NJ.  At least not when I was a kid. 

Yes, I was a little sheltered and naïve and thought anyone listening to the Grateful Dead were stoners who were gonna mug me in the school parking lot.  Don’t ask.

Followers of Judas Priest… Devil worshipers. 

I got over it… and got wise and from some point in High School on, I loved Rock ‘n Roll… all of it.

I love sharing musical discoveries with friends, so that will definitely be a big part of this.  Music is life, and if people really listened to it more, the world would be a better place.  Simplistic, naïve… perhaps, but listen to Henry Rollins talk about playing the Ramones to the Israelis and the Palestinians and you kind of become a believer.

Wine… I love wine.  In fact, I am just now starting the Wine Spectator On Line Wine School, so we can certainly talk about that.  Wine is a passion, and if I wasn’t so stuck on wanting to be an actor and writer, I might just be a wine maker or somellier. 

Yes, we can talk about the struggles of being an underemployed actor and writer, and the bitterness one feels when seeing posters advertising people they know starring in new TV series.  Doh.  Did I say that out loud?

But most importantly for me is that I am a human being.  Most of the time… So the world and politics are gonna come up a lot, too.  Especially given where we are, and where we’ll hopefully be in just a few short months.  It’s hard to believe that November is almost here, and so is our chance at saving this country and fixing all that is broken.  It’s not gonna be easy, but we do have a chance to move in the right direction.

That’s right. 

I am a strong supporter of Clooney for President. 

What?  He’s not running?  Are you fricking kidding me???!!!

That just screws up so much…


I am at an age where people traditionally have had mid-life crises, but since I am convinced I am going to live to 99 and ironically die just short of my 100th birthday, a “mid-life” crisis is still some time away.  But crisis is where I am definitely at.

I don’t have the money or stability many folks have when they have a mid-life crisis, so I cannot afford a Porsche, which is a real bummer. 

Nor can I afford the $4,800 it would cost to have my gut and love handles sucked out.

That really sucks.  Well, no actually it doesn’t suck and that’s the sad point.

Some people like to make a clean slate of it on New Year’s… I mean, I do that, too… but since the diet and career change is still in the works, a mere eight months later, why not make a clean slate now.  It’s my birthday in a few days, and that gives me another opportunity to reflect and start again.

And so with that, I say happy birthday to me and happy birthday to this new blog of rambling, above average white guy, mid-life crisis joy.


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